Slave Legacy History Coalition  

The Slave Legacy History Coalition is a consortium of individuals, organizations, and institutions engaged in the preservation of the history of enslaved people in the Cambridge, Boston communities and beyond. The Slave Legacy History Coalition was established in the fall of 2021 by the Lloyd Family descendants of Tony, Cuba, and Darby Vassall, whose enslavers endowed the first law professorships at Harvard University, which eventually became Harvard Law School.


The Slave Legacy History Coalition was established to build a pathway forward for our family, other families who are descendants of slaves, and the general public to connect to the vast repositories of slave legacy history in the Boston and Cambridge communities.

The mission of the Slave Legacy History Coalition is to provide easier access to information and resources on the legacy of slavery before and after emancipation for the families of slave descendants and the general public.


"Connecting the spokes on the wheel of slavery". 

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Lloyd Family Trust

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Past Slave Legacy History Coalition Presenters

Dr. Kerri Greenidge

Tufts University

January 2022

Richard L. Taylor

Historian, Businessman & Rhodes Scholar

February 2022

Dr. Robert Bellinger

Historian & Educator

March 2022

Longfellow House

Christopher Beagan

April 2022

Boston Public Library 

Virtual talk by Dennis and Egypt Lloyd hosted by the Boston Public Library: "The Descendants of Darby Vassall on the Legacy of Slavery and Freedom" 

April 2022

Dr. Cristine Hutchinson-Jones

Harvard University

May 2022

Pam Goncalves

Black Coral

June 2022 

First Church in Cambridge (Juneteenth)

Ceremony at the Old Burial Ground honoring the enslaved persons who are buried there.

Participant:  Lia Thomas -Lloyd 

Participant: Noel Manuel-Lloyd

Participant: Beverly Parks-Lloyd

Participant: Egypt Lloyd

Participant: Dennis Lloyd

June 2022

University of Virginia Landscape of Slavery

Panelist:  Dr. Cristine Hutchinson-Jones (Harvard University) 

Panelist:  Dr. Alexandria Russell

(Harvard University) 

Panelist: Dennis & Egypt Lloyd

September 2022


Nicole Piepenbrink

”Here Lies Darby Vassall”

September 2022 

Lauren Cosulich

Tour of Henry Vassall & Penelope Royall House

October 2022 

Charles  Sullivan 

Executive Director

Cambridge Historical Commission 

October 2022 

"Here Lies Darby Vassall" Film Premier

Christ Church Cambridge

October 2022 

WBUR 90.9 Radio Interview (NPR Radio)

Here Lies Darby Vassall' installation honors the life of anti-slavery advocate and activist

Host: Tiziana Dearing 


Guest Speakers:

Christopher Beagan - Longellow House

Egypt Lloyd - Slave Legacy History Coalition

Dennis Lloyd- Slave Legacy History Coalition

October 2022 

Nicole Piepenbrink/Dennis & Egypt Lloyd

"Here Lies Darby Vassall"

Public Talk at Longfellow House  

October 2022 

National Center of Afro-American Artists

Guest Speakers:

Barry Gaither

Sandi Bagley

November 2022

Cambridge  Black History Project

"Hidden Figures: A glimpse of 20th and 21st Century Black Cambridge"

Guest Speakers:

Paula Paris

Frank Lucas

Chandra Salvi Harrington

November 2022 

Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery: Tour Experience 

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Alexandria Russell (Harvard University)

December 2022


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